The Time Has Come.... to Blog.

It seems that when someone starts to blog, the first post is always all about why they decided to blog.  I really ought to be more original that that, but...

I'm going to blog, because my youngest daughter, Bonnie, said I must.  If this whole thing is a bust, blame her.  But if it's awesome, credit me.  Actually, today we had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, and she presented the whole idea as if it was something she'd been thinking about.  It wasn't just a random, throwaway comment.  She started out with, "Mom.  You know how you have to write a book?"  (This is something my family, especially my husby, has been saying for years, yet I haven't agreed to do it.)  

So, here I am, blogging.

I do tend to be a "story teller."  Some might say I just plain talk too much.  (Actually, more than "some" would say that.)  But I can usually make a story out of even the most every day things.  I like to start my stories with the phrase, "So there we were..."  We'll see how that works out, in blog form.

OK, that is enough about "why I'm blogging," and all that blah blah blah.  The next one will be a real post.


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